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Art Counselling

What is it? 


It is characterized by a treatment that seeks to promote self-knowledge and "cure" for situations in which people feel a certain internal imbalance that can manifest itself as depression, anxiety, fear and insecurity. The focus will always be linked to the strengthening of life forces that promote health (Salutogenesis), seeking balance and internal harmony.  Transpersonal Art Therapy is capable of relieving fears, anxieties, chronic degenerative and autoimmune diseases, and it is also useful as a treatment for the elderly. As Rollo May says, in every type of creative experience the artist feels a great emotion: "The emotion that comes with the increased awareness, the humor that accompanies the realization of one’s own potential".


How the process is: 


Through the creative process of visual arts, such as painting, drawing or clay modelling, the client is able to express what is in his/her inner self and even in the unconscious.  His/her responses, revealed through images, are a stimulus to the continuity of the process for expressing his/her own wisdom. In the first sessions, free watercolor paintings on wet paper are proposed, which will guide the therapeutic approach for this client.


The artistic activities will help the client to understand, contain and soften his/her manifestations. Moreover, the act of sharing his/her most intimate emotions will result in the expansion of consciousness and in a better balance between mind, body and spirit.


In the services, sessions are 90 minutes long , in person or online.

The average duration of treatment is 10 to 12 sessions.


In group meetings, which can have from 2 to 8 participants, we propose varied themes, such as: temperaments, dealing with life transitions, rhythms of nature, experiences of colors and others, depending on the interests and needs of each group. 

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