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Who I am

With a good few years of life, summarizing who I am becomes a complex issue. So I put some perspectives from me here, and you can build your first image. First of all, I asked some people I met in 2020, in this new virtual world, what their perception of me was. After all, I believe we are the result of how we recognize ourselves and how we express ourselves in the world.


What I have been told:


I have a look at life that goes far beyond the mere external achievements that one can have.


I express sensitivity and perspicacity in comments that reveal feelings people didn't even know were there.


I put my training in the service of others based on my own life experience.



Now, including more details of myself, I was born and raised in the state of São Paulo, I majored in Psychology at USP in Ribeirão Preto, Psychodrama at SOPSP and I specialized in Human Resources, besides working in several important companies until, at a certain point, I became a  Biographical Counsellor. My introduction would be done.  But as in all lives, it is possible to extract from this simple biography a history full of meanings that go far beyond facts, places and institutions.  Let's have a look at it.


I grew up on a coffee farm of my maternal family, German immigrants.  On the other hand, my father was of French descent.  In other words: I have multicultural roots, with strong European influences and lived in a house where at least two languages ​​were spoken, where conversations about political, cultural and philosophical issues were part of the menus. 


With a degree in Psychology, I lived in Italy for a while and got married.  From this marriage I have a daughter. Back in Brazil, I guided my path toward the corporate world, acting as an organizational development consultant and coach.  I served, among others, companies such as ABN AMRO BANK, BRADESCO, BANCO PANAMERICANO, GRUPO ACCOR, SADIA S/A, CAMARGO CORREA CIMENTOS, PETROBRÁS, PLAYCENTER, RHODIA, SERPRO, ULTRAGAZ and COMGÁS.


In 2003, I experienced the biographical process created by Dr.  Gudrun Buckhardt, and I was able to integrate all the events of my life, expanding my awareness of the path taken.  The experience of looking at myself and using art as a vehicle for self-perception and personal transformation, made me embrace this work, doing then the training at ELEB - Escola Livre de Estudos Biográficos / SP (Free School of Biographical Studies).


Right after that, I studied Specialization in Visual Arts at Emerson College (England, 2013) and gained qualification as a Transpersonal Art Therapist at Tobias School of Art & Therapy (England, 2016).

In 2021 I joined the 3 month training of Storytelling training at Emerson College developing more tools and creativity to my work.

In these many wanderings, from an early age I have been reinforcing my desire to get to know other cultures, I love to travel and make friends, and I see myself as part of a world in which diversity sets the tone for coexistence and peace.


I must add that the practice of meditation is also an integral part of my daily life. I know that not all my expression lies here, but my search certainly does. 




  • B.A. in Psychology - University of São Paulo - Ribeirão Preto Campus -1974

  • Psychodrama - Sociedade de Psicodrama de SP (Psychodrama Society of SP) - 1996

  • Biographical Counselling - Escola livre de Estudos Biográficos ( Free School of Biographical Studies) - 2008

  • Family Constellations - Instituto de Filosofia Prática Peter Spelter (Peter Spelter Institute of Practical Philosophy) - 2007

  • Phenomenological PNL - Instituto de Filosofia Prática Peter Spelter (Peter Spelter Institute of Practical Philosophy) - 2010

  • Specialization in Visual Arts - Emerson College - England - 2013 

  • Transpersonal Art Therapy - Tobias School of Art & Therapy - England - 2016

  • Storytelling Training - School of Storytelling - EmersonCollege- England - 2021                   



  • CRP - SP - Regional Council of Psychology / SP - record number 06/3742

  • ABAB - Brazilian Association of Biographical Counsellors

  • BACP - British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists - record number 385435

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