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Anthroposophy as the basis of therapies

Anthroposophy, developed by the Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925), proposes a free and responsible way of thinking, perceiving the reality and acting, observing and respecting the human being and the context in which he/she is located.

It is a way of searching for the truth that can help people understand their spiritual world, perceive their anxieties and understand their purpose in life. From this awareness, it is possible to achieve a greater physical and emotional balance, which is why it is a practice considered as a therapeutic process.


In this way, we try to develop a Living Thinking, that is, a way of understanding reality through the practice of observation, an imaginative and creative thinking that leads to the development of a new view of the interior and exterior life.


In Anthroposophy we have several initiatives that support the Human Being on this path, such as Anthroposophical Medicine, Waldorf Pedagogy, Eurythmy, Storytelling, Curative Education, Art Therapy and Biographical Counselling.


On my path of discovery I was able to be supported by some of these initiatives and I tried to develop my work through specialization as a Biographical Counselor and Transpersonal Art Therapist.

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