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& Mentoring

These services are characterized by a focus on resolving a specific aspect of personal or professional difficulty, in a relation of quick and punctual counselling as well as guidance. The search for results comes from self-knowledge, and this journey is built in a personalized way, according to the needs of the client.

At the first meeting, the client reveals his/her questions, needs and expectations.  At this point, the objectives of the process, the ethical aspects and the duration of treatment are defined. The focus will be on the search for new attitudes, new perspectives and new answers to questions of personal and professional life.

Once we have done that, we start to walk the so-called path of discovery, a journey that is made through reflective questions, through the practice of a detached look in front of facts and perceptions, and through the sharing of experiences and knowledge between the mentor and the client. The remake of images and scenes can also be used, with the usage of different visual art resources, such as watercolor or chalk pastel.


In mentoring, we will guide personal and/or professional life - either in a new project, a succession process, a decision-making process or career and company growth. In short, these are experiences that result in a significant improvement in the perception of the client's reality, enabling him/her to build effective changes in his/her emotional and affective reactions, improving his/her performance. These changes will be crucial for the success in the personal life as well as the professional career.



They take place in 90 minute meetings, in person or online, in a total of 10 to 12 weekly or twice a month sessions. 

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